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Discovering and reaping your talent in a young age is the key for a successful future

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If any of these questions formulated in your head, in the gate of high school graduation or career choices, in this difficult, stressful and important period. You are at the right place. Our main goal is to help you in the long and bumpy decision-making process and facilitate your choice, and find your very own path. In corporation with our collegues and their outstanding professional backgrounds, blendd learning supported by an e-learning, and online surveys

How can we help you?

Our online survey based methodology is converted for the given age and life situations, therefore throughout the step by step career process we can offer our best help for the customers. Whether it is a choice of school, target setting for further education, optional specialization and professional decisions, or facing the gate of the adulthood, we are all here to help.
We believe that the development of self-awareness is the key to a successful adulthood. The methods we implement to support our customers in finding their unique talent are based on online surveys. We build your personal talent-map and we are looking for answers based on the map for the questions raised. For us, the successful application of consciousness and self-consciousness is the key goal we set out with our customers.
The process of talent-mapping supported by online surveys, this aims to increase awareness of the strengths and values, internal resources, capabilities and the multi-level detection of areas in need of development. Together we form the targets, the most optimal way reaching it, and after the planning period we compile an implementation strategy.
The concept of self-acceptance plays a difficult role in lives of many young people. Our mission is to evolve personal values and gain strenght against the world’s impulses for personal evaluation. The basis for a successful and happy life is making the most out of ourselves and our talents. The development process starts with our online assessment tools, based on which we are building a common goal.
The success and efficiency are two relative concepts which has a major impct on a person’s life. Our goal is to help our customers to find their own way, and perform on their maximum. The process is based on our online surveys while we set both short and long term goals. Also we develop an implementation plan to achieve these goals.
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After I spent one year at a university which was not the right fit for me, I was in the middle of a career orientation crisis, that was the moment when Gabi Varga with her questionnaire stepped into my life. The joint forces of this tool and Gabi’s experience helped me to find my path. Eventually, I graduated from the school she counselled and I have a flourishing career in the same field for the past 10 years. The booklet with the details about my character is an evergreen reading, it is reassuring and a great help to set my priorities in the world of professionals.

Fabók Noémi

When I was finishing my high school studies, I requested help from Gabi to help my find my path. I was only 18 with no life experience, so I needed feedbacks, and a track. The assessments, and the process built on them gave great starting point. Since then I am in a manager position and I feel like I found my way, for this I am eternally grateful for her.

Nemes Márk

I receive indispensable help from Gabi. It all started when I was 18, facing my future. She has helped my finding my motives, and competencies too. The university I have chosen based on her advice seem an ace, so after receiving my degree we started a career orientation process, making my dreams come true. I am very thankful for keeping me always motivated, and supportive throughout the process. I wish for all the same success!

Újhelyi Orsolya

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